Dear God

father, please forgive me.i just dont understand the world.please remind me always the reason i am here on earth.i told my self not to cry but, tears is always so very close to my eyes, they run down with heavy drops without seeking for my approval, they are so used to my beckon and calling that i need not call out to them before they leave their ever so filled and ready reserviour to swim down my valley face, shaped like the rock moses had smitten at meribah.

when i cry, i want you to know that it is not out of disbelief in you, it is out of pain and regrets for the road once taken but, that not withstanding, i believe in you, i trust in your judgement and i am reminded once again that it is not about me but, rather it is all about you, its all about your love, mercy and compassion and it is most importantly all about your plan for; the plans God makes are wise, and they always succeeds! 

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