We started very small

From out of nowhere

We rose

And tread for the unknown.

We didn’t know where

Or, how we will get there

We journeyed on,

Heading for the unknown,

We will get there

Somewhere, somehow

Of this we are sure.

We are not there yet

We get tired

Very tired

Sometimes, we are not enough


We suffered

We forged ahead.

In our pain

 We journeyed

Not drown in our tears

For we tread towards

The unknown

The long-awaited golden place,

Where our journeying ends.

We never gave up

In our ignorance

We walked,

As we learned

 On the road.

We carried nothing,

We were sent out empty

Not relenting,

We walked on,

Relying on us,

And, with us

The unknown

There is no turning back.

Where we fell,

We rose.

Our bitter tears

We ignored

For an abode

We never knew.

We are very close

Our destination beckons

We could hear its triumphant sound,

We could feel its touch

Its warmth so close

It’s passionate embrace


We march on.

With vigor and hope

We run

Not slowed down by faults.

From faults learnt,

We moved.

Sometimes, we are down,

Most times molested,

Crushed under men


To move,

We bow.

Then we got twisted, shaken and broken

Yet, we walked,

With our pain buried from the world.

On sore foot

We walked

With shame, regrets and mistakes

Constantly before us.

The unfriendly weather,

The crawling dreadful nights,

The depressing rainfall,

The accusing glances,

We ignored all.

And yesterday…

Even today,

 We shun

The scorching sun.

And, these days,

We hear

Recurring bombs reports

We fear

We could be affected too

But, with us,

The unknown

There is no giving up.

So, we mourn the lives lost

For some were travelers too

Some were shots

Never to walk this path

With us.

Nobody forced us

We offered ourselves

For a mission

Many see as child’s play.

They didn’t care,

It doesn’t matter what we seek

They watched us

With indifference, for

They thought of us

As nothing,


This, being the reason

We tread,

From our unspeakable background

We tread,

We the unknown lives

From our unknown places

Of birth,

Set out to be known.

Although, we are here now,

We are not there yet,

I know.


The tingling joy,

The drumming rhythms of our hearts

Says, we are close.

We be here now,

But, our name on gold

We will have.

I can hear our names

Echoing after us,

It is yea, Yea, yea…

I believe.

We the unknown

From our unknown

Places of birth

Are now known…



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