Being young

life is an interesting movie.

Once I was a young girl

Full of hope and youthful vibes

Vibrant and energetic

I feel so tall

Taller than my mates

And people older than me

I actually concluded

I was taller than everyone

I look to the future

With bright eyes

Everything was perfect

My future is bright

I could see it

Cristal clear

Then I would say to myself

I would enter into

My perfect life

Once am a little bit older

But, what I didn’t know was

Each day brings me

Closer to older

I didn’t know I was

Getting older

As days goes by

I thought being old

Comes only with age

But it is days

Who give birth to age

And today I realized

How old I’ve become

And decided

The future is now

Not tomorrow

But, today

The future is right now

Cos you only young

Once in a life time.







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