I am a woman, I love women, they are my sisters, they are my friends, and I sure the hell hate to see them suffer, so you can as well say I am a feminist, cause am in support of what Maya Angelou said “I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch, you’ve got to go out and kick ass”. Yes it’s time for women to rise up and take charge of their lives.

For years women have suffered in ignorance thinking men are wicked creatures or that they must be slaving themselves in the name of submissiveness to men in order to live a better life, well, that’s not true, I say to you: you are wiser and stronger than you think you are and Princess Diana has this to say about this, “people think at the end of the day that a man is the only answer to fulfillment. Actually a job is better for me”.

Women are so far stronger than men, by this I don’t mean physical strength; I talk about the woman emotion. God created the woman to fill a void in the life of a man. That missing link in which the woman was meant to fill is what makes the woman what she is; this is where the strength in the women folks lies. Thus, this brings us to the understanding that the man is never complete without a woman, but over the years the women not realizing their power has limited themselves to the false notion that the man must be looked up to for survival.

It is true God made the man head over the woman as the man was first created and given the task to direct the woman, but the man lacks all it takes to be a woman which is that attribute that makes up a woman, but the woman on the other hand has a vital part of a man which makes her a complete entity, a finished product, there was nothing missing in the woman whereas the man was declared unfinished and above all she has that greater power in which the man is at her mercy; she carries the man in her womb for nine month in which period it is long enough for her to do to him whatsoever  she dims –fit, it doesn’t stop here, the man looks to her for food, care and guidance just as a slave look up to his master for livelihood.

Men are the most fragile and obedient creature when being compared to the woman. From creation’s record, the woman taught the man to do wrong. Women said men are bad, selfish, rude and all sorts but I say the woman taught the men how to treat and estimate their worth.

J.K Rowling opined that “it is our choices that show what we truly are far more than our abilities”. Why would you say a man broke your heart, he dump you or cheated on you when what you bargained for was a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. On what basis did you begin the said relationship with this man? You don’t just jump into a relationship with someone and start fantasizing in the middle of it of a being together forever, you start creating an imaginary future of you and this guy together, then you begin to question if you and this man are meant to spend the rest of your life together, if this is what you do, still do, or about to do, then you’ve got it all wrong, 98% chance is you will end up disappointed, desperate and frustrated.

I’ve seen good men, really nice men who sees women, all women for who they are; a mother, a companion, a friend in tough times and in their innate instinct to care and nurture others, women are selfless in nature. To keep fighting for equality is simply because you don’t know who you are as a woman, feminism to me is women standing up for themselves, giving and showing unconditional love, simply put; feminism is being a woman and all it entities. If you are being woman, then automatically, you are a leader which makes you in charge of everyone around you.

The men treat you as you are woman. Nobody can treat you anyhow unless you allow them, like Sheila Murray Bethel said “one of the most courageous things you can do is identify yourself, know who you are, what you believe in and where you want to go”. I have seen women standing tall far above lots of men around her, women are born leaders. Deborah in the bible was a leader who led the Israelites to war and recorded success. Over the years women have hold bigger positions than men in organizations, yet 80% of women still fold their hands saying men rule the world, this notion has been intensified by the recent Clinton Hillary’s defeat by the male contender Donald Trump during the USA presidential election.

Women are wrong to hold this believe, we give birth to these men for heaven sake, so I say we should be able to rule and tame them, it is your fault if these men seems uncontrollable, this is because it is how you train them that they will grow, it is how you present yourself as a parent, a guardian to that child that he will relate with you when he is grown up.

I said it and I will say it again, men don’t treat women bad, men do not see women as their subordinate, I mean how can a creature tell it creator I am stronger than you? It is you woman who causes the man to treat you bad, this makes me agree with what Al Anon said that “if you don’t like being a doormat, then get off the floor”.

Women fail because they didn’t realize how powerful they are, they fail because they’ve been made to believe over the years that women are weak and thus, must depend on the men for survival, but this is what Madame Marie du Deffand has to say about this “women are never stronger than when they arm themselves with their weaknesses”. The reality here is that the man and woman co-existence is a two way thing, it is a symbiotic kind of relationship and the man though physically stronger like the cattle and the woman physically weak like the cattle egret , needs the woman twice as much as the woman needs the man. All you need is to do as Marie Curie said that “women must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing at whatever cost must be attained”.




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