1xdlryx3_biggerYour life is a book

With each day

Seconds and minutes

As it tickles

Points towards an end.

Your life has chapters

With themes

And settings too.

Each day forms plots

With rooted backgrounds

Prologue and epilogue

We can never give

A straight narration to

Because, we were never there.

Your life is a book

There is always a beginning

If only we look deeply.

There is always an ending

Although, not without suspense

Dilemmas and conflicts.

Sometimes, there is resolution

If you stick to the end.

And off course,

There is the rhetorical questions

A whole lot of them

I tell you.

Your life is a book

You are your own book

And in books

The endings differs

There is happy ending

And there is tragic endings too

So is tragic- comedy

And the best…comedy


It’s a friend of happy ending

I heard

Most book ends

With happy ever after

I hope, you are lucky too.

Your life is a book

You are your story

You are your writer

You are your actor

You are your director

You are your main character

You can change

The supporting character too

You cant act all by yourself right?

But, its your story

And you can be

You own hero.

Your life is a book

You could be

Your own enemy

You could make mistakes

Be your mistakes,

Or you could well just change

And stop making mistakes.

You could change characters

You know…

Do away with those

Who don’t fit

In the lines of your book.

Your life is a book

Sit and write

Write it out

Right it out

With the picture

Of your ideal life

Don’t you know it?

Then write and right it

And if its not okay

Erase, and start over

Your life is a book

With your stories

Legibly written

In the history

Of yesterday

And marked by the sand of today,

You determine what’s written today

Remember always…

Your life is a book



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