Birds sing unrestrained,

Dogs barks unflinched,

Lizard’s nod unabashed,

But, once…

I questioned my faith,

I asked…

Do you ever listen?

Has my prayer ever reached you?


For so long I am challenged,

My doubts wrestle within me,

My sins caused me to stagger,

My iniquity intoxicated me,

I was suppressed by guilt and shame,

My knees gave in to my distress,

I was brought low by misdeeds,

My reasoning failed me.


I was abashed,

Totally flawed,

Until you whispered to me…

Come just as you are,

Come to me in prayer,

Forget every tide.


I divide seas,

I calm storms,

I make bitter rivers drinkable,

I give life.


Praise God! praise God!

I lift my voice in relentless prayers,

I come to you unabashed,

Oh, bless the Lord, for He listens to every prayer of faith.


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