Birds sing unrestrained,

Dogs barks unflinched,

Lizard’s nod unabashed,

But, once…

I questioned my faith,

I asked…

Do you ever listen?

Has my prayer ever reached you?


For so long I am challenged,

My doubts wrestle within me,

My sins caused me to stagger,

My iniquity intoxicated me,

I was suppressed by guilt and shame,

My knees gave in to my distress,

I was brought low by misdeeds,

My reasoning failed me.


I was abashed,

Totally flawed,

Until you whispered to me…

Come just as you are,

Come to me in prayer,

Forget every tide.


I divide seas,

I calm storms,

I make bitter rivers drinkable,

I give life.


Praise God! praise God!

I lift my voice in relentless prayers,

I come to you unabashed,

Oh, bless the Lord, for He listens to every prayer of faith.



Nigeria is one country where you see people running after the band wagon like poor miserable zombies. This saddens me a lot and Ican never stop to wonder if we will ever outgrow this card stacking.

I am not a politician, never thought I would be concerned about politics but the issue of SAHARA REPORTERS and Senator Dino Melaye is another propaganda I can not play deaf hears to.


let me start here, is Senator Dino Melaye the only person in Nigeria who has no transcript of his result? no, I can answer that one because I am a graduate too and do not have my original transcript because I never collected it  from my school.

Don’t get me wrong I do not say it is right to go about calling yourself a graduate when you refused to get your original transcript, that is negligence on my part but that hasn’t stopped me from telling anyone  that I am a graduate. I have been in situations where I needed to present my original transcript but somehow I manage to scale through without bribery nor manipulation, is it possible for Senator Dino Melaye to be as lucky as me? that is a question for you to answer without prejudice.

wait o, am I the only person who sees advert of courses home, abroad, online and what have you, where they award degrees for attending training’s and seminars. We are encourage every now and then to take different online and weekend courses to widen our scope of knowledge, please, how is this different from what the Senator has done? we criticize him for simply saying he got this or that certificate, don’t we also pose with our 30 minutes certificate, abi is it because he is a Senator?

okay, so because he is a senator he can not brag about his certificate whether its 30minutes, 1hour or 1week,  but you and I the ordinary Nigerians can abi? no problem. If what we are saying is that he as a senator must do things differently from every other Nigerians, why are we still condemning him for his possessions because his taste is different from that of the average Nigerians. so, in this case he should behave like the ordinary Nigerian but not in the case of bragging with an award from a seminar he attended.

why are we so easily swayed, why are we so easily influenced to condemn others especially when the person is a public figure, is that how we want to make Nigeria great, while refusing to change? haba…the fact that Senator Dino Melaye made an attempt despite his schedule and commitments as a Senator to attend seminars, workshops and training’s should be applauded.

How many of our other Nigerian senators have gone out to engage in activities that would broaden their scope of knowledge, shouldn’t the one who showed interest be encouraged and urge to do more and better, isn’t his confidence in coming out to boast about engaging in educational pursuits be credited as a quality of a leader who believes in education and knows that education is the only key to civilization and our national development? let’s think Nigerians, don’t be led by other people’s thinking, think for yourself and stop following the band wagon.